Enchanted Stoke by Emily Campbell

I was really pleased to be Commissioned by my, at the time local Hospital in Stoke on Trent.  It’s always nice to do something near to home.  This was a massive new build and as the hospital was nearing completion I was approached to make artworks for the children’s wards.  I always enjoy making work for kids as I can make it really surreal.  I worked with staff and patients at the existing hospital to find out the kind of imagery they thought would be appropriate.  I think it is really important when making art for Hospitals or Health Settings, that the work can have a function as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The staff at the hospital told me it would really help if the work could be used to distract children in pain or distress.  So in the corridors I created ‘spot the difference games’  In the A and E department I hid gold coins in the images and in the procedure rooms I made bubbles, that contained a variety of games for staff to distract the children with.  Patients in the hospital told me about places they enjoyed visiting – Alton Towers Theme Park rated highly!  Below are just a selection of the images I created, all the images were printed onto perspex and installed through out the Children’s Wards.

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